it's time to checkmate your senses

To stop boredom and stress. To leave your responsibilities at the door.  

Because you deserve a place reserved only for you. 

A place where you can taste the most exquisite dishes, made specially to entertain every single one of your senses.

From the most delicious burgers, to our incredible entrees, from our tasty pastas to our tangy ceviche that will leave you dreaming to come back for more. 

You can escape to Jaque Mate for a one of a kind lunch, or a unique dinner experience. 

At Jaque Mate you can have a special cocktail, a bubbling mimosa,
or even an ice cold beer, to refresh anything you might have in mind.

A place to have fun and relax with your date or with friends, while you dance to the rhythm of the latest hits, or laugh with our live entertainment.

Trust us, you will end up wanting to come back for more. 

Because at Jaque Mate, you will be treated as the King
- or Queen of the game.

Our Story

Jaque Mate was born in Maracay, Venezuela from the founder of Omertá Cucina and Bar, and Buonasera, who was looking to transform the gastronomic and entertainment scene of the city. Jaque Mate is a place designed for entertainment while you enjoy your meals and has arrived to Florida to be recognized as one of the top places of international food and cocktails with a service made for Kings and Queens.

All of this is designed to create a culinary experience with high expectations, quality and services.

At Jaque Mate, our goal is to offer our clients an experience that will entertain all of their senses. Music and other live events  will bring the night a great variety of surprises. Jaque Mate is located in Kendall and Dolphin Mall.